In the next 22 minutes another Australian man will be diagnosed with prostate cancer.

Research can save his life.

In 2022, thanks to kind supporters like you, we established Australia's first Prostate Cancer Future Fund with the goal to accelerate world-leading research to save men's lives.

The work has begun with a promising project that aims to identify the suppression of immune signaling pathways that allow prostate cancer to spread to the bones, becoming deadly.

If we can find a way to restore immune signaling pathways, we can save men's lives.

The project is being led by Dr Katie Owen, one of Australia's most promising prostate cancer researchers.

The findings from her research could save thousands of men from dying. She says,

"The longer I've continued doing this work, the more confident I am that we are doing the right thing and following the right clinical pathway to make significant breakthroughs in treating this disease."

Please support this promising research today. Your gift could be the key to our research success.

For men like David, our research can't come soon enough.

He was diagnosed with prostate cancer five years ago, at the young age of 45. His PSA at the time was 390 (!) and his cancer was aggressive, although he felt no symptoms:

"My wife and I didn't tell people at first. I went straight into 10 cycles of chemotherapy, over seven months, and after that continued on hormone therapy. It worked, and I stayed in remission until Christmas Eve 2021, when it came back. I felt like the world had closed in on me... aggressive tumour cells had spread throughout my system, and hope quickly faded."

Since then, David has been fighting it with everything he's got, through back-to-back rounds of chemo and other treatments.

David says,

"I've had my fair share of bad days, but I am also so grateful for everything I have. My amazing wife Nonie and my family, my workmates, my friends and community. And everyone who has ever helped fund the research that is keeping me alive, giving me more time. Every hour, every single day matters to me. Just like every hour of research matters.

"The knowledge we have already gained from Dr Owen's research is powerful. I dream of what could be discovered tomorrow... the though keeps me hopeful and keeps me going. My hope today is that we receive new donations from good people who believe in changing the future for men like me."

Your support gives men great hope.

Please donate generously today.


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