John’s mum convinced him to get tested – he had a family history of prostate cancer so had an increased risk.

Although he was only in his 40s with no symptoms, an elevated PSA level led to further tests, which found a very small tumour: it was prostate cancer.

But it was when John chose to have surgery to remove his prostate that they discovered a large, life-threatening tumour that none of the other scans and tests had picked up.  

We simply must find better ways to diagnose and treat prostate cancer. Please donate to research now.

John fears for his family: “What if my boys get it when they’re older? How will I know for sure that they can rely on the tests to detect it?”

But what if your donation today could fund the research that gives them a better chance?

We urgently need to raise $350,000 for innovative, new research to commence next year. Research that could lead to more accurate diagnosis and save thousands of men's lives. 

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