It's devastating to be diagnosed with prostate cancer. But Dean is lucky, he has Sally, his Prostate Cancer Specialist Nurse by his side.

Sadly, 2 out of 3 men don't have access to this life-changing support. They have no choice but to face prostate cancer alone.

Please donate today and give men like Dean the support they need.

Dean's Story

Dean was on his front porch 15 minutes after having a scan for back pain when his surgeon called.

"Dean, this has nothing to do with your back. It looks like you have cancer somewhere, I don't know where the primary is, but you've got secondary cancer that is showing up in your bones."

Can you imagine how Dean felt at that moment?

He didn't even know he had cancer, let alone an advanced, aggressive cancer.

Dean's wife Angela knows the impact prostate cancer can have on a family.

She remembers the week Dean's diagnosis was confirmed. She said it was a mix of sadness, joy and irony.

Dean and Angela

The day Dean was diagnosed he found out his daughter Alyce had been accepted into studying medicine.

Now he just wants to live long enough to see her become a doctor.

Dean's wish is heartbreaking. He is only 51 years of age and he didn't even have any symptoms or family history of prostate cancer.

It's a reminder that prostate cancer isn't the old man's disease that people often think it is.

While Dean has a battle ahead, he was lucky to have support from day one.

Ideally every man would meet a specialist nurse the very moment a doctor or urologist confirms a diagnosis of prostate cancer.

Sadly, many men and their families don't have the comfort of having someone like Sally.

Sally and Angela

Dean says he can't imagine going through all this without Sally. His wife Angela also speaks to Sally on a regular basis. She supports the entire family in so many ways.

How you can help

Our goal is to raise $82,000 and give another 82 men the support they need at every stage of their prostate cancer journey.

No man should have to face prostate cancer alone. Please make a donation today and support more men and their families.