OUR PEOPLE | Kerry Santoro
Prostate Cancer Specialist Nurse at Southern Adelaide Local Health Network - Flinders Medical Centre and Noarlunga Hospital.

Over 12 months ago, Kerry was an 'acting' Prostate Cancer Specialist Nurse – an opportunity that allowed her to sub specialise her clinical practice and take ownership of a role.

Kerry always wanted to work in a role where she could really make a difference to her patients’ lives in a positive way. This is precisely what she has been doing not only in her previous roles as urology and continence nurse, but more recently as one of PCFA’s Prostate Cancer Specialist Nurse.

The support Kerry provides to men diagnosed with prostate cancer includes counselling sessions, something that has become one of the most meaningful areas of her position.

"When men and their families tell me how much it means to them to be able to sit and talk to me about their diagnosis and their treatment plan, I feel that my work helps them during one of the most challenging time in their lives," Kerry says.

Kerry is aware of the importance of communication with her patients and she is always trying to improve the ways in which she provides her expert care and support to these men and their families.

"Telling a man his PSA levels have gone up following his treatment is not easy. I always feel disappointed for them. The way this is communicated is so important. I try to be supportive and always make sure we have a plan before they leave the consult room," she says.

Kerry and her team are currently undergoing a Continuous Improvement Program project, looking to improve the pathways of care for men having a prostate biopsy, so they receive their results and ongoing treatment plan in a timely manner.

Did you know?

When Kerry is not at work she is very busy taking her two teenage daughters to calisthenics lessons, parties, and touch football. She has recently become involved in teaching her 16-year daughter how to drive, an experience she would not wish upon anyone.

Walks with her husband and dinners with her girlfriends are also some of the activities that Kerry enjoys the most during her limited free time.