OUR PEOPLE | Suzanne Sedevic
Prostate Cancer Specialist Nurse (PCSN) at the Central Coast in NSW (Gosford and Wyong Public Hospitals and North Gosford Private Hospital)

“…The sense of relief I see in the faces of men diagnosed with prostate cancer once I have answered their questions and provide information is priceless,” Suzanne said when we asked her about the most meaningful part of her day to day job.

She also acknowledges the importance of being able to support patients and their families through.

“For some men, the prostate cancer diagnosis is the most challenging event in their lives. Knowing that I have helped lighten the load and make the whole process a little easier for them is very rewarding,” Suzanne said.

Suzanne, who has been a Prostate Cancer Specialist Nurse for over a year, used to work in cancer care and radiation oncology.

There was a great need for a Prostate Cancer Specialist Nurse in the area and Suzanne has been instrumental in establishing the role in the Central Coast where she has incorporated various strategies to be able to see as many men with prostate cancer as possible – regardless of whether they are newly diagnosed or metastatic, undergoing treatment or not.

This job opportunity was also a perfect fit for her as it has enabled Suzanne to focus on a specific area of oncology nursing and become an expert within the field.

“Oncology nursing is the best job in the world. It can be very challenging and difficult at times, but so worth the effort,” Suzanne said.

“Dealing with disease progression and supporting the patients and families when they have exhausted all available treatments is difficult. At this stage al I can do is be there for them, but it never gets any easier.”

Did you know?

Suzanne enjoys meditation and every year she goes away to a retreat that provides her with down time and allows her to escape from technology for 10 entire days – something not many of us would be brave enough to sign up for.