We need your help to raise $400,000 to trial 100 men in the EVOLUTION project and prove the power of new treatments that could help overcome prostate cancer once and for all.

Every day in Australia, 10 men die from prostate cancer.

We still don't know the cause and we still don't have the cure.

But we do know that research holds the key, and we need your help to prove it.

The EVOLUTION project is trialing a truly powerful combination of therapies that could prove the most effective treatments ever discovered for prostate cancer: Nuclear Medicine + Immunotherapy.

We launched the project earlier this year and have recruited sites around the country to take part, but now we need your help with ensuring 100 Australian men get access to the trial, at a cost of $400,000.

We are on the verge of revolutionising prostate cancer treatment, but we can't do it without you.

Please give a special Christmas gift today to help save the lives of our men.

You'll be helping men like Neil, who was only 45 when he was diagnosed last year with a highly aggressive and advanced prostate cancer.

Neil has tried every treatment to try and beat his prostate cancer: surgery, radiation and hormone therapy. But still doctors can't say how long he has until the cancer spreads again. And when it does, he'll be out of options.

Neil says,

"I've done everything I can, We've thrown every treatment that exists at this cancer. And it's still not enough.

"I need to keep hoping that new research finds a way of keeping me here. We need the research PCFA is doing today to give men like me an answer tomorrow. All I want right now is to survive."

With your help, we can explore the next frontier in precision medicine for prostate cancer, transforming the way we treat the deadliest forms of this disease.

Together, we can give men like Neil better options. 

Please donate generously this Christmas.



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