This section aims to raise awareness about prostate cancer. It provides general information about this disease, and will help you understand what you can do to look after the health of your prostate gland.

This section should be helpful whether you are in a relationship or single, heterosexual or non- heterosexual, at an age when you don’t think prostate cancer is something you have to think about, or at an age when you’ve been told that it is. The information in this section will answer some of your questions about prostate cancer or help you think of questions to ask your doctor.

Partners, families and friends of men who want to know more about prostate cancer may also find this information useful. In this section, we use ‘partner’ to mean wife, de-facto, same-sex partner, boyfriend or girlfriend. This booklet does not need to be read from beginning to end. You can just read the sections that are useful to you.

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Further more detailed resources about prostate cancer diagnosis, treatment, and side effects are located HERE