Prostate cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in men in Australia with almost 20,000 diagnoses and close to 3,500 deaths each year.

That’s why we need you to get involved and help create awareness and raise the much-needed funds to help in the fight against prostate cancer.

We encourage all men over 50 – or over 40 if they have a family history - to talk with their GP about their prostate health. Prostate cancer testing can be a complex subject, that’s why we recommend that men talk with their GP about what is best for them.

What You Can Do To Help Us Spread The Word


We have developed simple posters that bust some of the myths about prostate cancer. You can download it here and print it in A4 or A3 to put up in your workplace, community space or any other area you can think of. We want to get as many of these posters out into the community as possible.

Myth Buster - Poster 1

Myth Buster - Poster 2

Social Media

Social media can be a great way to spread the word and encourage men to have a health check and talk to their doctor about prostate cancer. If you or people you know are active on social media this is an easy way to take part.

Version 1: share your personal experience (for men aged 50 up or 40 up with a family history)

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#ProstateCancer hits about 1 in 6 Aussie men. I've booked my GP appointment. @PCFA urges you over 50s to book one too. #GetChecked #MensHealth

Version 2: Help Spread the Word

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#ProstateCancer is real. Around 1 in 6 Aussie men get it. @PCFA urges men over 50 (or 40 if it's in the family) to book a GP appointment. #GetChecked #MensHealth

Other Resources

Here are some Infographic stats about prostate cancer that you can download and share on Facebook:

1 in 7 Aussie men get prostate cancer

20,000 Australian men are diagnosed with prostate cancer each year

3,500 Australian men die of prostate cancer every year

Prostate cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in Australian men

Talk to your GP about your prostate health

Conversations can save lives

For Infographics for other social media platforms such as Instagram or Twitter, please contact us on 1800 220 099.


Looking For More Ideas?

  • You can book an Ambassador speaker to help raise awareness with your friends, work colleagues, club or local community members. To learn more visit PCFA Ambassador Program or phone 1800 22 00 99.
  • If you are living with prostate cancer, please consider joining a support group or the PCFA Online Community. Sharing your experiences with other people in a similar situation can be a great source of support. To find out more please visit here or
  • To support the vital work of Prostate Cancer Foundation you can Donate Now
  • You could also join in one of the events held across the country to raise fund for Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia, or even set up your own fundraising idea – find out more here.