You can help create the Prostate Cancer Future Fund to pave the way forward for prostate cancer research.

Every year we lose 3,323 men in Australia to prostate cancer. We must act now to avoid their deaths in the future.

Men just like Retired Navy Reserve Lieutenant Commander John Boland RFD, who was given fewer than five years to live.

Then, on a chance, his specialist recommended a new treatment called Lutetium, and it worked.

The problem is, although it has been proven to work, the treatment is not listed, and can cost $60,000 or more.

Today John is caravanning with his wife Margaret, and imagining what their retirement years could look like, if we can ensure his treatment continues.

He desperately hopes to be here to see his granddaughter turn 21 in 10 years from now.

But he may need four or more cycles of Lutetium, at a cost of $10,000 per cycle.

It’s a price that is out of reach for most Australian men with prostate cancer, which means until it is listed, many men will continue to suffer the fear and uncertainty of prostate cancer.

Your donation can fund the creation of a Prostate Cancer Future Fund for research that will get new treatments funded more rapidly.

But we can't do this without your donations and support.

Together we can prevent men from dying before their time. The Future Fund is ours to create.

With gratitude,

Professor Jeff Dunn AO
Chief of Mission and Head of Research | Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia
President-Elect | Union for International Cancer Control