Facing the TigerProfessor Suzanne Chambers, a long-standing friend and supporter of PCFA, recently launched her book Facing the Tiger: A Guide for Men with Prostate Cancer and the People Who Love Them and has kindly offered to donate the royalties to PCFA.

Offering practical strategies to help men and their families affected by prostate cancer cope with the emotional and psychological stress of living with the disease, the book draws on Suzanne's extensive experience working with people with cancer and aims to help those affected regain a sense of ease about the situation in which they find themselves.

Suzanne is one of the worlds' leading researchers into the psychological effects of cancer and how best to provide support, focusing most recently on trials of interventions that address couple support and psychological distress in men with prostate cancer.

If you wish to order this book, please call PCFA on the toll free number 1800 22 00 99

Price: $24.95