Please note that this request has been approved by PCFA’s Consumer Research Advisory Committee.

The Project

La Trobe University PhD student Chris Thomas is conducting important research that focuses on men's health and related quality of life. Such quality of life can be influenced by a number of factors, some of which include: Body Image, Self-esteem, Sexual function and Urinary function. This study has been approved by the La Trobe University Human Ethics Committee, La Trobe University, Victoria.

Phone: (03) 9479 1443


Who can be involved and how?

  1. To be eligible for this study you must:
    • Be a male
    • Be 30 years of age or older
    • Be living in Australia
  2. The method of choice for this project is an online survey. The survey will take less than ten minutes to complete. The survey is easy to navigate as it provides step by step instructions.
  3. Your responses will remain anonymous and will be automatically entered into a research website database (Survey Monkey). Please access the survey using the link below:

  4. Please forward this information to your friends and family and feel free to post this it on Facebook. We hope that whether you are forwarding this message to a male or female friend, young or old, we will reach a significant number people that are 30 year old males or older, living in Australia.

Why should I do this?

By completing the survey you will be helping to fill the knowledge gap which currently exists in relation to the health related quality of life of Australian men.

Thank you in advance for either completing the survey and/or forwarding the survey to as many people as possible. Should you have any queries regarding the study, how to access the survey or any other issues concerning this project, please contact:

Mr. Chris Thomas