The PCFA Ambassador Program aims to raise community awareness of prostate cancer and to provide resources for individuals to learn more.

About the Ambassador Program

PCFA Ambassadors are trained volunteer speakers who present to workplaces, community groups, and organisations on the importance of prostate cancer awareness, and to provide resources for individuals to learn more. The Ambassador program is able to provide a speaker for your workplace, event, or group, in order to better educate them on the importance of this issue.

The Ambassador program operates in all States and Territories. We currently have approximately 100 Ambassador speakers available across the country, in metropolitan, regional, and remote areas. Many Ambassadors have first-hand experience of prostate cancer, are the partner or carer of someone who has, or simply have a passion for raising men’s health awareness in their communities. Before becoming an Ambassador, all speakers receive comprehensive training from PCFA.


Booking an Ambassador Presentation

We are currently working on a new Community Speaker program that will launch in early 2023.

To book a speaker presentation for 2023, please reach out to us on or phone 1800 22 00 99.