Our 2021 funding round is now open!

PCFA's strategic research goal is to fund research that creates and promotes the uptake of knowledge that will improve the lives of Australian men with prostate cancer, their partners, families and carers.

To align with this goal, PCFA will fund practical research with direct implications for men with prostate cancer, their partners and their families on issues related to treatment, care and support in the near term.

PDF Download a copy of PCFA's Research Strategy here

Such research will include:

A. Clinical research projects that deliver near-term outcomes (i.e. clinical trials) with inbuilt high research value (e.g. studies using biological samples collected during clinical trials)

B. Prostate cancer survivorship research

C. Research in priority directions identified through consultation with PCFA’s stakeholders. A targeted number of research priorities were further determined in consultation with our stakeholders.  

For assistance, email research@pcfa.org.au

PCFA is now calling for applications from early career and mid-career researchers under the Priority Research Impact Award - Future Leaders (PIRA-FL) Scheme.

PCFA recognises that funding pressures often impact junior researchers the most, with implications for long-term prostate cancer research horizons. Therefore, the 2021 funding round will be focused on supporting our key and emerging talent via salaried awards to promote prostate cancer research pathways which harness the clinical and psychosocial needs and interests of consumers and the broader community.

The below funding is on offer, for a term of 1 year:

  • 3 x $100,000 - for Early Career Researchers (Up to 5 years post PhD)
  • 2 x $150,00 – for Mid-Career Researchers (5-10 years post PhD)

Awards are intended to cover the applicant’s salary and applications are welcome from Prostate Cancer Researchers in:

  • Basic Science
  • Survivorship/Psychosocial/Health Services and implementation research
  • Clinical Research including Nursing

All applications will be required to include:

  • A statement on how the grant will support the following:
    • Leadership
    • Impact
    • Environment
    • Multidisciplinary collaboration
    • Plans for the funding period (brief half page)
    • Consumer Engagement
  • A letter of recommendation and a mentorship plan from both the scientific mentor and the consumer advisor mentor who is familiar with the applicant and their proposed research plan and who will work closely with the awardee over the year

Important Dates:

Program Launch Date

Monday 1 November 2021

Application Submission Deadline

5pm AEDT, Friday 3 December 2021

Expert Panel review and deliberations

December 2021 – January 2022

Anticipated Award Notification

February 2022

Funding Start Date - flexible

Available from 1 March - Negotiable, within 6 months of accepting the award


Application form, supporting documentation and guidelines.

PCFA Research Program Policies and Guidelines

UPDATED Guide for Applicants

Application Form

Certification Page

PCFA Report Template

Please download each document before completing.