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PCFA's strategic research goal is to fund research that's creates and promotes the uptake of knowledge that will improve the lives of Australian men with prostate cancer, their partners and their families.

To align with this goal, PCFA will fund practical research with direct implications for men with prostate cancer, their partners and their families on issues related to treatment, care and support in the near term.

PDF Download a copy of PCFA's Research Strategy for reseachers here.

Such research will include:

A. Clinical research projects that deliver near-term outcomes (i.e. clinical trials) with inbuilt high research value (e.g. studies using biological samples collected during clinical trials)

B. Prostate cancer survivorship research

C. Research in priority directions identified through consultation with PCFA’s stakeholders. A targeted number of research priorities were further determined in consultation with our stakeholders. These priorities will progress in 2019.

PCFA is now calling for applications addressing strategic direction C in the following priority research areas:

Priority Research Area 1:
Research that uses existing Australian repositories of biological samples from men with prostate cancer to better predict prostate cancer’s progression.

Priority Research Area 5:
Research that advances knowledge and understanding of the impact of prostate cancer on men’s lives and the lives of their partners and their families.

The Call is open to research submissions in both localised and advanced prostate cancer.


Important Dates

Program Launch Date

Friday 8 March 2019

Application Submission Deadline

Monday 29 April 2019

Peer Review

May to June 2019

RAC Deliberation Meeting

July 2019

Anticipated Award Notification

September 2019

Funding Start Date

1 October 2019


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