To ensure that funds raised are invested for the greatest benefit, PCFA will align its research program with the needs of men with prostate cancer, their partners and their families.

PCFA’s research program aims to:

  • Deliver near-term benefits to, and have measurable impacts on, men with prostate cancer, their partners and their families.
  • Answer questions identified by consumers, clinicians and prostate cancer service advocates as those most needing research.
  • Be fit for purpose and of the highest quality and ethical standards.
  • Identify areas of agreed priority where significant PCFA investment can make a major difference in the near term.
  • Make the best use of partnership opportunities to achieve strategic research goals.
  • Make research capacity development an integral component of PCFA-funded research.
  • Facilitate translation into policy and practice of knowledge gained through PCFA research investments.

PCFA’s research priority areas include:

  1. Application of precision approaches to therapies across the prostate cancer continuum, including hormone sensitive prostate cancer.
  2. Research (basic, translational, epidemiological) that capitalises on existing repositories of biological samples and clinical data from men with prostate cancer.
  3. Better understanding the impact of prostate cancer on men’s lives and improving the quality of life of men diagnosed with prostate cancer, their partners and their families.
  4. Better understanding the basis of, and approaches to address disparities in, prostate cancer outcomes based on ethnicity, socioeconomic status, and location.
  5. Bringing precision approaches to survivorship strategies (e.g. exercise, nutrition, mental and psychosocial supports).