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Funding research with direct implications for men with prostate cancer and all those who care for them.

PCFA provides funding for prostate cancer research in Australia. We have a responsibility to the generous public who fund prostate cancer research; we must invest our research funds wisely. By consulting widely with Australian men with prostate cancer and those who care for them, we direct funds to research projects that best address their needs.

Between May and July 2018, we conducted a series of consultations to inform the development of a new research strategy, which will guide our research investment decision making from 2019-2022. These consultations were held with prostate cancer clinicians, PCFA's Research Advisory Committee, men with localised prostate cancer, men with advanced prostate cancer, National Support and Community Outreach Committee, and PCFA staff.

During the development of the strategy, we have identified the top priorities of the Australian prostate cancer community, and gaps in the current research that align with these priorities. Understanding what is needed by men with prostate cancer has allowed us to develop goals within our specific research niche.

This strategy provides a clear guide as to how our research funding is disbursed for the information for researchers, clinicians and the whole prostate cancer community.

Our overarching goal is to create and promote the uptake of knowledge that will improve the lives of Australian men with prostate cancer, their partners and their families.

Attached is the strategy document outlining the objectives, principles and priorities of PDF PCFA's Research Strategy 2019 – 2022.