Focal Therapy with Professor Phillip Stricker AO



Each year more than 21,000 Australian men will be newly diagnosed with prostate cancer that has not yet spread beyond the prostate.

In this vodcast, we’ll learn more on Focal Therapy from one of the national and international pioneers, Professor Phillip Stricker AO. He leads the conversation on how the therapy can, for some of these men, offer a treatment option that ablates the tumour without damaging surrounding nerves and tissues.



Professor Phillip Stricker AO
Urologist & Head of St Vincent’s Prostate Cancer Research Centre

Professor Phillip Stricker is one of the world’s leading urologists specializing in prostate cancer treatment. He helped pioneer minimally invasive and robotic prostate cancer surgery and focal therapy with the NanoKnife.

His research in the field is unrivalled, contributing to advancements in quality of life after treatment of prostate cancer, potency preservation, robotic surgery, genomics, and focal therapy, to name a few areas of interest.