1 - 30 Sep 2017
Across Australia

September is International Prostate Cancer Awareness Month. The Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia is asking Australia to get involved in helping create awareness, and raise the much-needed funds to assist in the fight against prostate cancer.

Join famous landmarks like Storey Bridge, Victoria Bridge and Brisbane City Hall in lighting up blue around the nation, this September, to help shine a light on the disease.

Did you know Prostate Cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in Australian men with 20,000 diagnoses and close to 3,300 deaths each year? Prostate cancer kills more men than breast cancer kills women.

We want to encourage all men over 50 years of age, or 40 years if they have a family history of prostate cancer to talk to their GP about testing for prostate cancer, as part of their regular health check-up.

You could really help us by joining our simple light up campaign to have numerous buildings, monuments or even your houses around the country making a statement and a reminder.