25 November 2014

PCFA is pleased to advise positive news regarding a change with ZYTIGA’s (abiraterone acetate) PBS listing.

The Department of Health has advised of a number of changes to the current PBS authority requirements which will mean that more patients will receive access to treatment through the PBS. The changes apply at two levels:

1)    Patients who have failed ADT but not undergone chemotherapy because of predicted intolerance to docetaxel will now be eligible for ZYTIGA® through the PBS.

2)    Patients who have received treatment with ZYTIGA® through the PBS will now be eligible for PBS-subsidised docetaxel if required at a later date.

The new PBS Authority wording is provided in full below for reference:

ZYTIGA® will be reimbursed (Authority required) for castration resistant metastatic carcinoma of the prostate, with the following restrictions:

• Treatment must be in combination with prednisone or prednisolone

• Treatment must not be used in combination with chemotherapy

• Patients must have failed treatment with docetaxel due to resistance or intolerance, or be deemed unsuitable for docetaxel treatment on the basis of demonstrated or predicted intolerance to docetaxel

• Patients must have a WHO performance status of 2 or less

• Patients must not receive PBS-subsidised ZYTIGA® if progressive disease develops while on ZYTIGA®

• Patients must not have received prior treatment with enzalutamide or must have developed intolerance to enzalutamide of a severity necessitating permanent treatment withdrawal.

This is really positive news and will improve access to this treatment for many men affected by advanced prostate cancer.