09 June 2020

Aussie cricket legend Matt Hayden has teamed up with us to take up the bat for men’s health, calling for joint action to help Aussie blokes enjoy a better innings in order to improve overall community health and wellness.

How many kilojoules does an average full-strength beer have?
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What makes you feel healthy and happy? Anytime during the month of June, share your Top 10 tips for health and happiness, posting one or more photos each day, and tag a mate to do the same.

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Our underperformance on men’s health is hurting our women and children as much as it is harming our lads and blokes. As part of the #EveryManCan campaign I’m taking action to inspire Australian men to step up, take action, support one another, and play as a team.

For the next 10 days I’m sharing a photo that represents my Top 10 Tips for health and happiness, and I’ll be tagging a mate to do the same.

Starting today, with INSERT MATE’S NAME.

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