14 June 2020


Matt Hayden and his best mate Archie


Aussie cricket legend Matt Hayden has taken up the bat for men’s health, calling for joint action to help Aussie blokes enjoy a better innings in order to improve overall community health and wellness.

Hayden is the figurehead of the Every Man Can campaign, launched to coincide with Men’s Health Week (15-21 June).

The campaign aims to raise awareness of Australia’s short bowling on men’s health, including lower life expectancy for men compared to women, higher risks of suicide, and premature death associated with high-risk behaviours.

Speaking at the launch, Hayden called on all Australians to get involved in the campaign.

“Our underperformance on men’s health is hurting our women and children as much as it is harming our lads and blokes.

“We need to do more to inspire the nation’s fathers and sons to step up, take action, support one another, and play as a team.

“This week I’ll be sharing my top tips to health and wellness in the hope that we can inspire others to do the same.”

Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia CEO, Professor Jeff Dunn AO, commended the cricket champion for his leadership.

“Men’s health is key to community care and wellbeing. One in six Aussie men are struggling with depression, men are twice as likely as women to abuse alcohol and drugs when their mental health is in crisis, and men are less likely to seek expert support for their concerns.

“The Every Man Can campaign aims to empower men and women to take joint action on men’s health, in order to improve individual, family, and community harmony. Our hope is that all Australians will be inspired by Matt Hayden to engage with this campaign and take small, positive steps to support one other, smile more, and feel healthy – a healthier, kinder world starts here.”

PCFA has released a quiz to test community understanding of men’s health and is encouraging Australians to show their support for Australian men and families impacted by prostate cancer during Men’s Health Week.

“Every 25 minutes, one of our fathers, brothers, and sons will hear the news he has prostate cancer. Tragically, 3,500 Aussie men will die from the disease this year, leaving families and communities devastated.

“While prostate cancer has one of the highest cancer survival rates, the lifelong impacts of treatment can be devastating for many men, including incontinence, erectile dysfunction, and embarrassing weight gain caused by hormonal therapy.

“Men impacted by prostate cancer also experience a 70% increased risk of suicide, although few seek support for their mental health needs. These men deserve our solidarity and support to help bat back against this cruel disease.”

To get involved in the campaign, follow Matt on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/haydos359/ Twitter https://twitter.com/haydostweets or Instagram https://www.instagram.com/haydos359/?hl=enor  and go to pcfa.org.au to take the quiz.

Anne Savage 0417 709 869 or Anne.Savage@pcfa.org.au
Matt Hayden: Kim Ashby 0424 246 024 or  kashby@thehaydenway.com