04 February 2024

Around 250,000 Australian men impacted by prostate cancer are set to benefit from a new app designed to eliminate confusion about the disease and its treatment.

The online web app has been created by Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia, giving men and their loved ones access to evidence-based information, advice and expert nursing services.

PCFA Chief Executive Anne Savage says it is hoped the launch of the Survivorship Toolkit will save many lives.

“Men often feel isolated when they are diagnosed with the disease. Until now, the information has been hard to find in one place. Our Survivorship toolkit will change that, becoming the first in Australia to be the single source of expert information to help men navigate their diagnosis and treatment,” PCFA CEO Anne Savage says.

With 1 in 5 men likely to be diagnosed with the most common cancer in Australia, the Toolkit marks a new era of support, separating fact from fiction.

Designed to address the individual needs of those impacted, the toolkit covers the continuum of cancer care, from diagnosis to life after treatment.

“From testing to diagnosis, what the different stages and the treatment options are, as well as mental health and wellbeing support, including for men with advanced stages of the disease, providing men with access to vital information and resources,” she says.

“We know that awareness levels of prostate cancer in Australia are low, which often makes diagnosis and treatment that much harder," says Ms Savage.

“The Survivorship Toolkit puts complex concepts into easy-to-understand terms, making it easier for men and their families to make decisions about their diagnosis and treatment.”

The website also covers treatment side effects.

"Prostate cancer treatment can result in lifelong side-effects, which means we must support patients and offer specialised care well beyond their initial treatment,” she says.

“Our Toolkit helps to debunk myths and misconceptions about living with prostate cancer, providing guidance on health and fitness practices that aid in recovery.”

The Survivorship Toolkit offers specialised support for recurrent or advanced prostate cancer, ensuring that no man faces this terrible journey alone.

“This new Toolkit is one more weapon in our armoury to defeat prostate cancer.”

The website also includes information on supporting health and wellbeing, access to PCFA Nurses, and connection with support groups around Australia.

The launch of the Toolkit coincides with PCFA’s Valentine’s Day campaign to raise funds for research.

Go to www.valentinesday.org.au to donate and visit www.prostate.org.au to access the Toolkit.