17 April 2024

Southsiders Prostate Cancer Support Group, in accordance with a desire to relate to the local city councils and shires, attended a “Lets Connect Armadale Expo 2024” on Friday 5th April 2024 at the Armadale Recreation Centre.

The event offered a representation of organisations active in the Armadale region and was attended by about 80 different groups. With the number of visitors greater than last year, the support group had an almost continuous contact and engagement throughout the day with locals.

“Interestingly we had quite a few men come and talk to us about incontinence due to benign prostatic hyperplasia (BHP) which in most cases was not from the local GP but from Dr Google. Our common phrase was ‘see your GP and arrange a referral to a urologist’,” said John Robertson, leader of the Southsiders PCSG.

“The highlight of the day was from a man in the morning who had come to our support group with advanced prostate cancer.”

John and fellow stand attendee Ian Mawson had previously met this man in Perth and introduced him to the Advanced Prostate Cancer and High-Risk Cancer Zoom Support Group, with which he has remained in contact.

“He advised us that after one round of chemo and two rounds of radiation he is now cured. Overall the day was very worthwhile and hopefully we will be invited back next year,” Ian said.

To find out more about both Groups, visit:

Advanced Prostate Cancer and High-Risk Cancer Zoom Support Group https://www.pcfa.org.au/support/find-a-support-group/advanced-prostate-cancer-and-high-risk-cancer-zoom-support-group/

Southsiders PCSG https://www.pcfa.org.au/support/list-of-support-groups/wa-support-groups/southsiders-pcsg/