02 March 2023

“I’m determined to stop other families going through what we did.” Jen Berton

When Jen Berton contacted us in March 2021, she was grieving the loss of her husband Mike to an aggressive form of prostate cancer.

She wasn’t reaching out for support, and she told us right up front she didn’t want anyone to feel sorry for her family.

She called us because she wanted to get involved in our advocacy – her husband Mike’s cancer was diagnosed late and she damn sure wasn’t going to let another family go through what they had been through.

Since then, she’s shared their story in national media, and advocated with us to get the PSA screening guidelines reviewed.

She’s rallied her family, she’s roused her community, and she’s raised people’s awareness of what more we can do to detect prostate cancer early and beat it.

My kids had a fit, healthy and fun-loving dad – and he was gone too soon," Jen says.

“Mike was a fit, healthy and strong active man. He had no family history of prostate cancer and it was never on the radar.

“He was diagnosed with an aggressive prostate cancer that had already spread outside the prostate – all we could do was try to slow it down.”

Jen remembers Mike’s determination, and she’s got determination to match it.

“I’ll do everything in my power to keep Mike’s memory alive and make sure our two incredible kids remember him.

“I promised myself I would keep up my fight to honour his memory by making sure no other families have to go through what we went through because the system failed.

“Mike was a big-hearted guy. After his diagnosis he was truly astounded by the love and support we received from a far bigger tribe than we ever could have imagined.

“I’m calling that tribe to action, in memory of Mike, to correct the wrongs that led to his loss.

“I can’t bring him back, but I’ll never let his memory go.”

Mike leaves behind his adored children, Bethany and Kai, his rock Jen, and family and friends around the world. 
In March 2023, his nephews Logan and Ronan will be honouring Mike with a 4x4 Awareness Fundraiser, honouring their Uncle Mike’s love of the outdoors and anything the kids would enjoy. 
It’s also a way of getting the conversation started for early detection of prostate cancer. 
“I am so proud of Logan and Ronan for thinking up this awesome way to raise awareness of prostate cancer. Uncle Mike will be with us and would be so proud with their proactive approach.

“Much love to all our supporters – thanks for remembering the late great Mike Berton.”❤️ 

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