08 June 2023

Limestone Coast Prostate Cancer Support Group Leader Richard Harry has been rallying the community to get behind a petition calling for radiation services to be delivered in his region. He recently visited the South Australia Parliament to deliver the petition.

Richard shared more about the process and why this is an important cause for the group.

“In late 2022, a working group was set up on the Limestone Coast to utilize the $4.3m of Federal funds for the setting up of a radiation treatment service in Mount Gambier.

“The working group included two members of the Limestone Coast Prostate Cancer Support Group (PCSG) and put forward a petition requesting the State Government commit the necessary funding to deliver radiation treatment services in the Limestone Coast and to ensure that the radiation treatment service is available in a way that ensures regional patients are able to access this service on the same basis as comparable services available in Adelaide or Warrnambool.

“Over a two-month period the community rallied to the cause collecting a phenomenal 16,000+ signatures (hard copy) and 4,000+ digital signatures on the petition, with members of the working group travelling to Adelaide to be present when the petition was presented to the State Parliament.

“With over 10,000 signatures on paper, the Parliament has formed a Legislative Review Committee, which is a good step. We will continue to work together on good outcome for our community.

“Why should rural and regional people have to travel 450km to Adelaide and suffer all the associated problems this causes over a six to eight week period?

“Why should country people treated as second class citizens? That’s what the working group is all about, getting fair outcomes for the treatment of this disease."

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