13 April 2023

Nurse turned survivor: Meet South Tweed legend Phil Jones

Phil Jones had been a registered nurse for 37 years when he was first diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2014. At 51 years old, Phil went in for a prostatectomy. Two years later, his cancer had spread to a lone lymph node, and by 2019, he had to have radiation for an oligometastatic lesion in his upper spine.

Is hasn’t been smooth sailing, but despite the setbacks, Phil is constantly determined to turn his experience into a positive and use it to help other men.

In something he described as miraculous, he had the opportunity to become a prostate cancer nurse and support other blokes impacted by the disease when Tweed Health Hospital had an opening in 2019.

Now, ready to do even more, he's got his sights set on revitalising the Prostate Blue Tweed City Support Group as their newly elected president.

Phil shared that the once-thriving Tweed City PCSG took a hit over covid with members stepping down from the group. But he’s determined to build it back up.

“It’s time to revitalise the support group – and this is the year for us to make it happen!”

Getting support is Phil’s main aim for the year, and he hopes to build up a group of men and their partners to gain momentum in the community and help raise awareness of the group.

“Next week we will have a booth set up in the shopping mall to promote the group and to increase awareness of the seriousness of prostate cancer.”

“Ross Davis, the former convenor of the group did a brilliant job over the past 20 years leading the group, and I’m thankful for his support in handing it over. I’m looking forward to taking up the challenge.”

For more information on Prostate Blue Tweed City please visit: https://www.pcfa.org.au/support/find-a-support-group/prostate-blue-tweed-city-2485/