08 August 2022

Ryan Story is well-known for his success on the track, leading one of Australia’s most successful motorsport teams, Dick Johnson Racing, as Executive Chairman and co-owner.

Motorsport has been a life-long love for Ryan, who was awarded with a Member of the Order of Australia in June for his significant service to motorsport and the community.

“My two great passions since childhood have been politics and motorsport and I've been very lucky to have had successful careers in both. I had no intention to dive into motorsport, however that's exactly how it started, stepping in to help support my childhood hero, and prostate cancer survivor, Dick Johnson. I've enjoyed every minute since, the highs and lows, the wins and near misses!”

But despite his exemplary career, it’s Ryan’s work off the track that gets him up every morning.

“Philanthropy is what gets me up each day. I love my racing team, but supporting PCFA and Camp Quality, as well as many other incredible charities and non-profits is empowering and motivational to me at every step and key milestone.”

Ryan first joined PCFA as an ambassador in 2021, signing up to The Long Run to help raise vital awareness in support of men, like Dick Johnson, who had been impacted by the disease.

Little did he know that the cause was about to hit even closer to home.

Merely two weeks after becoming an ambassador for PCFA, my dad was diagnosed. It was a complicated case, but thankfully he is in remission now.  

“Seeing the support from PCFA first-hand and how much they helped my own family was enough for me to dedicate and commit to PCFA and work as hard as I could to raise awareness and funds for such a wonderful organisation.”

As someone who now has a family history of prostate cancer, Ryan knows that he has an increased risk of developing the disease and is more passionate than ever about raising awareness and ensuring more blokes are getting tested.

“Early detection saves lives. This year more men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer than any other cancer. That is a mind-blowing statistic. It's important to raise awareness and supporting staff, friends or family who may be affected.

“We have an incredible platform through the Shell V-Power Racing Team, Dick Johnson Racing and Supercars to promote awareness to men over 50 and men over 40 where there is a family history, that a PSA blood test could save your life. 

“If you’re diagnosed in stage 1, five-year survival rate is 100 per cent – we need to make sure men are getting tested to save their lives.

“Since joining PCFA I have been contacted dozens of times from people who have been diagnosed following a PSA test, that awareness coming from our efforts.

“From there, it has been a moral obligation to continue to raise awareness and support PCFA.”

Ryan has once again joined The Long Run in 2022 and will lead PCFA’s All-Star team to help make prostate cancer history.

When he’s not working, clocking up kilometres for The Long Run, or giving back to the community, Ryan said he likes to find time for reading.

“I enjoy reading and getting hands on with the latest technologies and innovations across multiple sectors. I'm also a history buff and read 2-3 books a week and absorb way too many news and reference material pages!” 

We love your style Ryan – reading, racing and running! Thank you for your commitment to men and families impacted by prostate cancer. Your support helps save lives.