07 June 2024

Ormiston College, one of Queensland's top-performing private Christian schools, proudly hosted The Clip for its second consecutive year. Early in June, Year 12 boys from Ormiston College came together to get a buzz cut, raising an incredible $15,499 for the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia (PCFA), surpassing their fundraising goal.

The Clip is more than just a fundraising event; it embodies the spirit of community and social responsibility that Ormiston College instills in its students. Year 12 student Harrison Dhu said “The reason why I participated in The Clip was because it’s a beautiful cause that takes no effort to help. The Clip was a very simple yet powerful thing to do and I believe that everyone could cut their hair and help support a very common illness, so why wouldn’t I?” This year's success not only reflects the dedication of the participating students but also the generosity of the wider school community and supporters who contributed to the cause.

In addition to raising funds for PCFA, the hair clippings from the buzz cuts are being donated to Sustainable Salons. This organization will use the clippings to create hair booms, essential tools in cleaning up oil spills in our oceans. These hair booms play a vital role in protecting bird and marine life from the devastating effects of oil contamination, showcasing the event's commitment to environmental stewardship.

A special thank you goes to Georgina Barfoot, the dedicated organizer whose efforts made this initiative possible. Her leadership and passion have inspired these 23 Year 12 boys to take action and make a difference. Their willingness to participate and raise funds for PCFA highlights the compassionate and proactive spirit nurtured at Ormiston College.