Prosper was formed in late 1998 as a result of Keith Williams and efforts to find a local Support group, and with his General Practitioner’s strong support. Originally the membership consisted mainly of service veterans. Both the Department of Veteran Affairs and the Vietnam Veterans’ Counselling Services were tremendously helpful and supportive in the group’s early days. 

Currently the Group has a very helpful "Professional Advisory Panel", with a small, but dedicated "core" of members.



Current activities are primarily based around supporting members and sharing our respective "journeys". Guest Speakers, videos and audio tapes are typical of the resources which make our meetings enjoyable and worthwhile.

We keep business out of our normal meetings, having an Outlook Committee, which meets separately for that purpose. We are fortunate that our "core" is very outlook oriented and is always keen to see and be involved in the "Big Picture", a very necessary thing if our Support groups are to be as valuable as they should be.

For various reasons, group programs are seldom arranged more than a few weeks ahead. The Group’s first priority is to support members and their families, which includes circulation of information sheets and other literature, giving members an opportunity to obtain a copy.

Meetings are held on 2nd Monday of month at the "Harbour Room" at Christ Church Cathedral, top end of Smith Street, Darwin, from 7.30 pm to 9.30 pm.


Location of Meeting

Christ Church Cathedral
2 Smith St
Darwin NT 800


Monica Berryman Group Leader
0414 317 082

Allan McEwan Secondary Group Leader
0414 317 082