Established in 1996, this Group facilitates an opportunity for men who have had an encounter with Prostate Cancer and their partners to meet regularly and:

  • share experience 
  • offer support to one another 
  • engage with each other / partners / carers for  mutual benefit 
  • enhance learning through hearing from guest presenters on a wide range of subjects 
  • reviewing articles from other Prostate Cancer Support Groups’ Newsletters 
  • advocate with Government, the Area Health Service, and other organisations on behalf of Prostate Cancer sufferers 
  • create community awareness of men's health generally, and prostate cancer in particular, and conduct appropriate forums / programs 
  • have members make presentations at Men's Health Awareness seminars being held at smaller communities within our region 
  • staff an Information Stand at local and regional shows and expos; and
  • financially support research into Prostate Cancer.

Within our membership are men who have had a wide-range of treatments, and if given the opportunity, can arrange for those newly diagnosed to meet and talk with someone in the Group who has had a treatment akin to that proposed for the newly diagnosed person, and their partner.

This type of get-together means we can play a complementary role to the Doctor, and in a lay/ 'fellow
traveller' environment that is not so overwhelming for the newly diagnosed man and his partner; and where they can explore a range of questions which they were probably too shocked to ask when they received the diagnosis. 

The Group is affiliated with Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia, The Cancer Council NSW, Cancer Voices, and the Support Groups network from whom we obtain considerable literature.

We have a library of appropriate material (both published and electronic), and readily make that
available to members or recently diagnosed men and their partners 

We've developed an excellent Information Kit which is available to men and their families when a Prostate Cancer diagnosis is potentially imminent, or has been made.

That is who we are and what we do.

What we DO NOT do is interfere in any way with the relationship between Doctor and Patient, nor profess to have clinical knowledge or provide clinical advice.

Meeting Dates:

The group meet on the  1st Tuesday of each month (except January) at Dubbo RSL Club, Cnr Brisbane & Wingewarra Streets, Dubbo at 10.00 am.

Please contact David on 0428 952 899 or Janice on 9020 6884 4615 if you are attending a meeting for the first time or require additional information.

Location of Meeting

Dubbo RSL Club
178 Brisbane St
Dubbo NSW 2830


David Salter Facilitator
0428 952 899

Janice Monk Secretary
02 6884 4615

Any new people wishing to attend, please contact David or Janice prior to the meeting to make sure there have been no unforeseen changes.