The support group was started in May 2009 in Fremantle and is affiliated with the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia. The group's main focus is to offer support to members and information to the general public.  We help a man with Prostate Cancer (PCa) to Walk and Talk with a Man on a Similar Journey.

Our Support Group

The fear of PCa is real and often results in men not facing it well and hiding it from their loved ones.  It is a real and serious attack on their manhood.  It is often thought that what is below the belt is a measure of manhood and remains a man's own business.  Quality of life after PCa treatment is important.

A diagnosis of prostate cancer means men and their families are faced with daunting decisions about what to do next. Many men initially suffer shock and may feel angry, fearful or depressed. Most have very little knowledge of the disease, treatment options and possible results.

Men and their families who have been affected by prostate cancer can feel reassured by sharing in the experiences of those who have been through it themselves. To be able to talk about their situation in a relaxed, empathetic environment is very helpful. Members are usually surprised how much their attitude improves and confidence increases.

We strongly encourage partners to come along. They are very much part of the journey. They are also very much affected and can play a significant role in helping their men get through the physical and psychological impact of the disease by being involved and staying intimate.

Format of the meetings

Once visitors are welcomed and any official business is over and we stress the value of both pre and post treatment exercise that embraces the pelvic floor.  The meetings normally take the form of a discussion or focus topic or guest speaker who specializes in their own relevant area, or one of our members may share their own personal journey with the group.

That will be followed by a group discussion time on “Your Prostate Cancer Journey”. New visitors may give us their stories and seek any information they might need. These conversations are informal and private.

Meeting Details

The fourth Thursday of each month at 18:30 to 20:00 hrs. The venue is the Village Day Club, Bull Creek RAAFA Estate, 2 Bull Creek Drive, Bull Creek WA 6149.

The Village Day Club can be reached through the main gate of the estate past the elevated Spitfire Fighter Aircraft and follow the internal road for some 600 m to the Village Day Club which is next to the Village Chapel. There is ample parking at the Village Day Club.  Please remember there are restricted speeds and signage on the Estate.

The PCFA support groups do not have boundaries or zones and men may choose to attend based on location, meeting days, times or the meeting content.  The FPCSG has moved the meeting location recently to more evenly reflect the area it draws from.

The Fremantle Prostate Cancer Support Group has other very good support groups neighboring it and members are free to choose where they attend.  Those neighboring support groups are based in Mandurah/Rockingham, Gosnell's, Kalamunda and Western Suburbs.

Please check our FPCSG Eventbrite Page before the meeting for details of any special topic or guest speaker, or contact Richard Flanagan, Convenor on 0418 858 003.


Location of Meeting

Raafa Estate Village Day Club
2 Bull Creek Drive
Bull Creek WA 6149


Richard Flanagan Convenor
0418 858 003