The Group

The Prostate Support Group Geelong has served Geelong and District since 2003 and has a current membership of over eighty men who are either undergoing treatment, survived cancer, or are living under the threat of prostate cancer. Its membership is drawn from a wide geographical area and the Group has the respect of the local medical profession who often refer recently diagnosed patients to it. The group provides emotional support during the initial trauma of being diagnosed and ongoing contact with others who have travelled the difficult road that lies before them.



The group meets monthly at the Belmont Park Pavilion, where a diverse program is offered including guest speakers covering all aspects of prostate cancer and treatment options, viewing of DVD's and discussion based on recent publications. Space is always provided in the monthly meeting for members and their partners to discuss progress with their treatment, the issues that arise from it and receive feed back from others as to their experiences. The emphasis is on successfully living with cancer.

Members attend meetings as they feel the need and at their convenience with the result that only about half attend any one meeting. However, all are kept up to date through a monthly Newsletter. A cup of tea or coffee is available during the meeting and friendships are formed. Laughter is an essential ingredient of our meetings.

The Group has an extensive library of materials available to be lent out and other publications available for members to take away. The Group also assists at information days conducted by related bodies in the community and gets together on other occasions to enjoy each others company.


Meeting Dates

Prostate Support Group Geelong

9:45am for 10.00am the last Friday of the month. (Except December)

Belmont Park Pavilion (under the James Harrison Bridge)
162 Barrabool Road
Belmont VIC 3216



Location of Meeting

Belmont Park Pavilion (under the James Harrison Bridge)
162 Barrabool Road
Belmont VIC 3216


Bill Rebula
0414 524 155