The Inverell Prostate Cancer Support Group was formed in September 2010 to offer contact & support to men, their partners & families affected by all forms of Prostate Disease, particularly Prostate Cancer.



Inverell Prostate Cancer Support Group's aim is to hold 4 general meetings per year, dates shown below, which will be open to the public. We endeavour to have a guest speaker on these occasions, followed by a question time and general forum amongst those present.

We have special meetings at neighbouring towns to help inform as many residents as possible about prostate cancer. The group address relevant local clubs and associations to raise awareness of this important topic, handing out prostate cancer material. We also attempt to answer any questions participants may have.

We inform people that we have books and DVDs available for loan, so that they can watch/read the information at their leisure in their own homes.

We find that providing an opportunity for a personal, private conversation with one of our members is very much appreciated by men and their families, who are newly associated with this form of cancer.

Inverell Group are endeavouring to assist other towns in forming their own support groups. We have an end-of-year social function where members and their friends can meet and enjoy each other's company in a different setting.


Meeting Details

To confirm the details of the next upcoming meeting, please contact the group leadership listed on the Contact Information Tab.

Location of Meeting

Inverell R.S.M Club
Evans St Inverell
Inverell NSW 2360


Kerry White Group Leader
0437 194 810

Brian Currie Treasurer
02 6722 1260

Von White Publicity Officer
0437 194 810