The Port Macquarie Prostate Cancer Support Group invites all men and their partners to a meeting held on the last Thursday of each month. If you have recently been diagnosed or are being treated for prostate cancer or if you have a family interest in prostate cancer, then you are welcome to attend the prostate cancer support group meeting.

There will be opportunities for you to discuss your questions or concerns about this disease either in the meeting or privately. There are technical brochures available, books and videos that you can borrow. We update members on the new treatments that are being used and inform members about new trials being conducted.

The meetings are free and informal where similarly affected men have an opportunity to speak with each other over a cup of tea and bickies.

They can discreetly find out more about the disease and to speak with other men who have the same issues. 

We have occasional guest speakers who specialize in this field.

Too often we hear men say that there is plenty of support during their diagnosis and treatment phase, but they find a huge gap in the system after they have had treatment and treatment can have a significant effect on a man’s body. This support group attempts to fill that role and to answer some of the many questions that men have.

Meeting Details

We meet on the last Thursday of each month in the Girl Guides Hall at 50 Hollingworth Street, Port Macquarie at 5PM. 

Turn at the Hungry Jacks corner and travel 150 metres along Hollingworth Street.

Men and their partners are invited to attend.

Tea and bickies are provided.

Meetings are free and informal and last about an hour.

Location of Meeting

The Girl Guides Hall
50 Hollingworth St
Port Macquarie NSW 2444


Malcolm Revell Co-Ordinator
0412 100 282