Meeting Details

We meet on the second Wednesday of every month. Doors open at 6:30 pm for a 7:00 pm start in the Function Room at the Cambridge Bowling Club 39 Chandler Avenue West, Floreat.

Our support group started in February 2009 to serve the Western and Northern suburbs of Perth. However all are welcome. The group is affiliated with Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia.

Most months we will have presentations by well-known guest speakers who are specialists in their own area. We cover a variety of topics of essential interest to anyone dealing with Prostate Cancer. These presentations are followed by a Group discussion. New visitors to the group are invited to give us their stories and seek any information they might need. After that, members are free to discuss anything and these discussions could go anywhere. These conversations are informal and private. We call it the "Circle of Confidence".

We strongly encourage Partners to come long. They are very much part of the journey. Partners are affected by what happens to the men in their lives and they can play a powerful role in helping their men get through the physical and psychological impact of the disease, by being involved and staying intimate.

We close with about 30 minutes for tea/coffee and a light supper. This provides the opportunity for personal interaction and to arrange the follow-up of any special needs. Meetings usually end by 9:15 pm.

We have a library of books, DVDs and brochures on the many aspects of prostate cancer, its treatment options, the side effects and programs of rehabilitation.


Why a Support Group?

A diagnosis of prostate cancer means having to make some daunting decisions. Many men initially suffer shock, and may feel angry, fearful or depressed. There are so many treatment options and men often fear the risks of possible temporary or permanent incontinence and erectile dysfunction.

Men and their families who have been affected by prostate cancer can feel reassured by sharing in the experiences of those who have "walked the walk". To be able to talk about their situation in a relaxed empathetic environment is very helpful. Members are usually surprised how much their attitude improves and confidence increases.

To know the road ahead… ask those coming back

Location of Meeting

Cambridge Bowling Club
Function Room 39 Chandler Avenue West
Floreat WA 6014


Ken Bezant Group Leader
0417 984 172

Danny Balloch Co Leader
0419 966 478