The Whitsunday Prostate Cancer Support Group is a new group and seeks to provide information and support to patients who have recently been diagnosed with prostate cancer and who are having to make choices about treatment offered and wish to speak to other men who have "been through the system" to give them a thorough insight of individual experiences.

In addition, the new Group would like to hear from men who have had treatment of any kind and who are willing to share experiences and helpful tips to those men who are about to undertake treatment and to give them as much support and assistance as possible in an informal and friendly setting.

Partners are welcome.


Meeting Details

We meet on the third Wednesday of each month.

Meetings commence at 6.00pm and conclude 7.30pm.

We meet at the following venue:

Cumberland House
2 - 4 Island Drive
Whitsunday Qld 4802

Location of Meeting

Cumberland House
2 - 4 Island Drive Cannonvale
Cannonvale QLD 4802


John Ryan Group Leader
0427 776 307

Conrad Wagemakers Secretary
0417 136 003