Blue Gum Centre
Glenhaven Green
599-607 Old Northern Rd
Glenhaven NSW 2156

7:00 pm for 7:15 pm start


DDPCSG has been operating for seven years and conducts 10 monthly meetings per year. In that period it has had two meeting venues, namely The Dural Country Club and, more recently, the Anglican Retirement Village at 607 Old Northern Road Glenhaven.

For a group to operate successfully for such a long period there are a number of factors which contribute and some of them are listed below:

  1. A committed leadership group who meet monthly to discuss recent, and plan future, meetings and events.
  2. An effective advertising campaign publicising group meetings and events by means of free advertising in local newspapers and publications.
  3. A range of interesting, and highly qualified, speakers from the medical and allied professions as well as speakers from community and/or public institutions, such as the NSW Ambulance Service, The Stroke Foundation, The Men's Shed, the local pharmacist, and many others.
  4. Regular attendances of more than 25 people at each meeting.
  5. The use of a feedback form at meetings so that people can anonymously provide constructive criticism of what we are doing.
  6. A relaxed and safe meeting place with the provision of light refreshments, free of charge, at the conclusion of each meeting and the undertaking that whatever is discussed at the meetings is not published outside the meeting. Also no pressure is put on attendees to participate in group discussions.
  7. The use of a group member who videos each speaker, with their consent, and provides free of charge, copies of the presentations to people who cannot attend a meeting. Copies have also been sent to regional and remote groups if requested.
  8. A sound financial situation based on good financial management and the receipt of donations from a variety of community sources. The group often makes donations to organisations who support the work of the group.

Whilst the DDPCSG is affiliated with the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia, and has access to their resources, it operates independently within the support guidelines provided by PCFA and the aim of the group is to provide support to those men diagnosed with prostate cancer and their families and carers.

  • 18 February - Dr. Khris Rasiah - Urologist
  • 18 March - Ronny Maroun - Australian Red Cross Blood Bank
  • 15 April - Group discussion
  • 20 May - Donna Hendry - The Macula Foundation
  • 17 June - Prof Howard Lau - Urologist & Transplant Surgeon
  • 15 July - Dr Darren Wolfers - Hyperbaric treatment for Radiation damage to Urethra
  • 19 August - Lauren Reeves - Nutritionist
  • 16 September - Dr Phillip Katelaris - Urologist Management of Prostate Cancer & Urinary Incontinence
  • 21 October - Support Group discussion, where you can share any concerns or problems you may have with your cancer journey
  • 18 November - Assoc/Prof Gavin Marx - Clinical Director San Integrated Cancer Centre
  • 3 December - Christmas function
Location of Meeting

Blue Gum Centre
Glenhaven Green 599-607 Old Northern Rd
Glenhaven NSW 2156


Maurice Critchley Group Leader
02 9654 2138

Milton Kirkwood Secretary
0488 787 881