Founded in May 2002 by the late Dr John Conroy OAM.

Affiliated with PCFA. Sponsored by HammondCare Health and Hospitals.

Area serviced is Manly to Palm Beach and the Pacific coast to the Roseville Bridge.


The group serves men of all ages, and their partners, through support before, during and after diagnosis.

The meeting program draws speakers from a wide range of relevant medical specialities, allied health and alternative therapies. It also includes, from time to time, inter-group invitational discussion sessions. The format promotes supportive interface among members where they may discuss their own and general issues, innovations, etc. This is enhanced by a social component at the conclusion of each meeting and at annual dinner and festive celebrations.

Members are supported when health issues warrant contact.

A library collection of relevant DVDs, books and publications is available.

Carers are welcomed at the meetings. In addition they have, from time to time, separate sessions to address their own issues. These are conducted by a volunteer professional counsellor.

A monthly newsletter has an approximate circulation of 200, It contains information for members, medical and allied health professionals, local parliamentary and council officials, etc.

Awareness of Prostate Cancer and the groups supporting role is promoted through:

  • A series of leaflets, coasters and pens that are distributed locally
  • Activities (which may include fundraising) by the group and with PCFA
  • Inclusion of local parliamentary and council officials at social events
  • Local media



The website was created in January 2012 and includes all our newsletters and information.


Meeting Details

Meetings are held at 6:30pm on the first Tuesday of each month (excluding January).

They welcome men with prostate cancer, their carers and anyone else who is interested in attending. Usual attendance is 25 or more.

Carers meetings are as advised.

The location is The Palliative Care Cottage, Mona Vale District Hospital, Coronation Street, Mona Vale. Parking is available. Local government buses serve the route. There is wheelchair access.

Refreshments are served.

A donation is requested.

Location of Meeting

The Palliative Care Cottage
Mona Vale District Hospital Coronation Street
Mona Vale NSW 2103


Alan Taylor
02 9981 2616

Jo-Ann Steeves
02 9918 6575

Mary Jones
02 9997 2709