The group began with an initiative of the PCFA Queensland Chapter Council in August 2011, which started a monthly teleconference for advanced men.  An email exchange, and then a website - grew from an earlier group that began at a conference in August 2010. The Advanced Prostate Support Groups uses that website.


A teleconference for men with advanced cancer is held on the fourth Friday of each month at 9:30am Brisbane time, except January (1 week later) and December (1 week earlier). Men dial in from their home phones (for a total cost of 25 cents) from anywhere in Australia. The teleconference mainly concentrates on sharing information and mutual support, but often there is a short presentation by a guest speaker on advanced issues.

As we grow, a quite separate second teleconference group will likely be formed, possibly meeting at a time more suited to men who work, volunteer, or play sport on weekday mornings, but sharing the same web and email resources.


We have two levels of membership.

Anyone may become a member of the website community. Go to and click on the blue ribbon.

If your prostate cancer is out of the prostate: locally advanced, or to lymph nodes, or metastatic, or recurring - rising PSA after primary treatment, we count you as advanced. Men not advanced, but with very high risk are also welcome. This group receives some telephone support, and may take part in the monthly teleconferences.

We have an informal rule for teleconferences that men with less serious issues defer to those in most need, but we offer time for every man to be heard.

Location of Meeting

Indooroopilly QLD 4068


Jim Marshall
07 3878 4567

Neville Black
07 4637 4018