Applying for Prostate Cancer Specialist Nurses

Hospitals and health services are encouraged to apply for Prostate Cancer Specialist Nurses as funding becomes available.

Our specialist nurses play a vital role in coordinating the care of men with prostate cancer from the point of diagnosis across the continuum of care, including the management of side-effects and symptoms of treatment throughout survivorship and recovery.

Working with hospitals and health services, we assist in all aspects concerning the recruitment, training, and professional development of nurses employed under the program, as well as producing consumer resources to support the program and managing program-specific data collection and independent program evaluation.

Preferred locations will be selected based on demonstrated need and the capacity of competing applicants to satisfy the program selection criteria. Our priority is to meet current and future demand for specialist care, particularly in areas that may currently be under-served, such as regional and rural locations.

With an ageing and increasing population, the number of new cases of invasive prostate cancer among Australian men are expected to grow significantly over the next three years. Meeting the clinical and psychosocial care needs of those affected will require multi-disciplinary expertise, collaboration, and innovation. Beyond the fundamental goals of early diagnosis and effective treatment, our aim is to improve quality of life for those affected, preventing when possible the occurrence of comorbid conditions and assisting in the management of complications arising from prostate cancer treatment and its serious side effects.

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