Active Surveillance is a treatment option for men with low risk and some intermediate risk prostate cancers. It involves following a program in which you are monitored for any changes in your cancer.

The aim of Active Surveillance is to avoid unnecessary immediate treatment and to find the best time to start treatment in the future if it is necessary. If you have Active Surveillance, your cancer is closely monitored for any symptoms or signs the disease is progressing.

These signs may include:

  • an increase in the size of the cancer determined by MRI or repeat biopsy
  • an increase in the grade of the cancer
  • a significant rise in the PSA level.

Most cancers never progress and do not need any further treatment. But if the cancer is seen to be progressing, treatments like surgery or radiation therapy may be recommended. There is now strong evidence that it is safe for men with low-risk prostate cancer to be regularly and carefully monitored. Active Surveillance can delay the need for treatment for several years in some men and others may avoid ever needing to have active treatment for their prostate cancer.

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