Dry July Foundation is the flagship sponsor of our Prostate Cancer Specialist Telenursing Service and also helps to fund Prostate Cancer Specialist Nurses in the community.

The Foundation is dedicated to improving the comfort, care and wellbeing of people affected by cancer, through projects and programs run by cancer organisations across Australia.

When you go dry in July and fundraise for PCFA, you’ll be filling a cup which has contributed over $4.3 million to our work since 2017.

Importantly, all funds raised during Dry July benefit cancer patients and their families and carers.

Better still, when you go dry in July, you’ll enjoy a range of benefits, including improved hydration, a healthier liver, and freedom from hangovers.

Find out more and register via the link below – we’d love you to go dry with us every July, and raise a glass for men and families living with prostate cancer!