12 November 2014

Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia launches ProstateApp

Wednesday 12 November 2014: Australian men are now able to access prostate cancer information at their own convenience with Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia (PCFA) launching ProstateApp today.

ProstateApp is the first app to assist men and their families navigate the emotional, psychological and physical challenges that come with a prostate cancer diagnosis.

The app is based on the book "Facing the Tiger: A guide for men with prostate cancer and the people who love them" by Professor Suzanne Chambers and can be used independently or in conjunction with the book.

Developed by PCFA - with generous funding support by H&L Hecht Trust - the new app provides an easily accessible, comprehensive new resource for prostate cancer sufferers.

The app features practical tools like activities on decision making, guides on self care and links to organisations. It also includes supportive elements such as videos of people talking about their experiences, inspirational quotes and daily motivation during the prostate cancer journey.

According to Associate Professor Anthony Lowe, PCFA's Chief Executive Officer, the launch of the prostate cancer app is part of PCFA's long term plan to deliver up-to-date resources that appeal and meet the needs of Australian men of different demographics.

"We are now relying on smart devices more than ever so this app will ensure that men can access credible and balanced information about prostate cancer at their convenience," said Associate Professor Lowe.

"Our main goal is to ensure all men have easy-to-access and helpful information, especially during the most difficult times such as after a diagnosis. We will continue to find different ways to offer Australian men and their families support so no one is left in the dark."

ProstateApp is now available through the App store.