12 May 2023

Two in every three men diagnosed with prostate cancer now benefit from the support of a prostate cancer nurse, thanks to the expansion of the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia (PCFA) service over recent years.

With International Nurses Day on Friday (May 12), the charity is celebrating Australia’s national Prostate Cancer Specialist Nursing Service, which now employs more than 100 nurses nationwide.

The service also marked its 11th Anniversary this week, with significant improvements in survival rates over that period.

Each nurse supports around 300 newly diagnosed men in our community each year, providing around 1,700 consultations for new and existing patients.

PCFA CEO, Anne Savage, recognised the service of all nurses in the local community for their contribution.

“Nurses are champions of community health and have helped Australians prevail through the pandemic,” she said.

“The growing demand we see for their clinical care is wonderful reinforcement of the value we provide to communities around the country, ensuring Australian men receive the very highest standards of care, wherever they live, whenever they need us.”

Director of Nursing at PCFA, Adjunct Professor Sally Sara, commended the government and community for supporting the service.

“This week also marks the 11th Anniversary of our service, which is a significant milestone in our ongoing work to ensure no man walks alone with prostate cancer.

“Independent evaluation by Deloitte has shown that for every dollar we invest in the service, $1.30 is returned in social value, demonstrating the high impact of nursing care on outcomes for men and the community.

“Men with prostate cancer who receive our support are less likely to need Emergency Department care and are more likely to attend vital medical appointments, which means we stay on top of managing the disease and improving overall outcomes.

“These are crucial factors that improve survivorship and quality of life.

“At the same time, we have more work to do to close the gap in regional survival and ensure that men in financial disadvantage can access the support they need to survive.”

Call 1800 22 00 99 or visit www.pcfa.org.au for more information or to donate.


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