08 June 2023

Albany Awareness Event

Albany PCSG are determined to put their town on the map with an upcoming prostate cancer awareness event on 7 October at Beryl Grant Centre – all thanks to a PCFA Community Grant which is making it possible.

The group were one of 13 recipients of PCFA’s inaugural Community Grants Program, and are anticipating around 100 attendees to attend.

The group have also secured support from Genesis Care, who are matching the grant funding to support the event and help reach even more men and their families.

The awareness day will include an expert panel of speakers including a local GP, Radiation Oncologist, Urologist, Sexologist and a prostate cancer specialist nurse, with a focus on early detection and awareness.

Greg Kidd, Group Leader of Albany PCSG, said that the timing was right to ‘spread the word’.

“It was the time to do it this year. The launch of the PCFA Community Grants gave us a push to forge ahead to raise awareness, and to be able to have it matched by Genesis Care has made a huge difference.

“Our group members will be postering the town and we’ve also organised television ads to appear on Channel 7s Golden West Network.”

Greg began attending group meetings in 2015 following a radical prostatectomy and took up the mantle of Group Leader after two years.

“I’ve been a Veterinary Surgeon for 40 years and have always been deeply interested in anatomy,  physiology and medical research.

“Becoming Group Leader gave me the opportunity to look at expanding the group and I’m pleased to say that we have around 20 blokes attend each meeting, in addition to hosting virtual and in-person events and social outings.

“I think of the group’s success as being tied to three pillars: education to keep up with the latest treatments and research, social opportunities welcoming family and friends, and of course  support for those post-treatment or post-diagnosis."

Greg has also joined PCFA’s new Life Force Program as a volunteer speaker and, when asked about his vision for the future of prostate cancer, he shared the following.

“We want a future where no man dies of prostate cancer. If everybody is diagnosed early, that is achievable.”

Cheers to Rob, and the Albany PCSG for their efforts. We look forward to sharing more about the outcome of the awareness event.

To find out more about Albany PCSG or to attend meetings, visit https://www.pcfa.org.au/support/find-a-support-group/albany-pcsg/